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Neurocide presents UPGRADE #40

10 years is a long time. But not when you’re bringing the heaviest and dirtiest drum & bass to your favourite venue every couple of months! UPGRADE #40 is coming up and after a decade of representing the bass music scene in Fribourg, the Neurocide collective has decided to make this the final chapter of our beloved event. Are those cries of desperation I hear? Fear not, we have already teamed up with Octagon and have plans for the future, plans that involve a whole lot more bass coming your way! A fresh new concept is just around the corner and we’re impatient to reveal what the young guns have been working on for next season!

But before we get that far, there is the small matter of having an epic send-off for the UPGRADE parties! It goes without saying that we needed to go out in style and we are absolutely stoked to be able to reveal that we have invited a guest that is as legendary as the occasion demands! A few of you may have already guessed, but for those who are yet to see the light, let it be known: AUDIO is headlining #40 on 8th June 2019!

One of our absolute all-time favourites, this South London native is the embodiment of hard-hitting D&B. Inherently underground and with four albums and countless 12”s under his belt, the man needs no introduction! However, since we’re talking about someone who has been churning out insane tunes since the illegal rave days, it’s worth mentioning that he has released them on some of the industry’s most respected labels. From Renegade Hardware to Tech Freak before joining the Virus family, Audio has consistently impressed the tenors of the game, so much so that a couple of years ago, he announced his ongoing collaboration with Andy C’s RAM Records! Dedicated to pushing D&B to its furthest limits, creatively and sonically, this is just one more step in an amazing career and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

But while we wait to witness sheer awesomeness behind the decks at Fri-Son, it would be remiss of me not to introduce our supporting acts. Considering the rather special circumstances of this occasion, we went the extra mile and are pleased to let you know that we have also invited Lay D! Another bass music addict, this time from the South of France, she is a true warrior for the cause, even going so far as to name her collective “We Love D’n’B”. Having played alongside many of the best DJs on the scene and, more often that not, gone toe to toe with them in terms of energy and skill, it’s wicked to have her with us for the final chapter of UPGRADE!

Of course, both Octagon, our worthy successors, and Neurocide will be heavily represented, with Mindwalker ready to lay down the grooves after one of the original founders of our events gets the night going. Back from his adventures dabbling in various styles of electronic music, Elgrin will be returning to his roots to get you all nice and warmed up for what is to follow. Add the Genevan maniac that is Mindwalker to the equation as well as the one and only master of the dark arts, Sylek and we’re pretty sure we’ll keep you buzzing right until the final gong at 5AM!

Incidentally, both MC Stone and Aesthesy have a few tricks up their sleeve to make this a memorable night, so jot down that date in your agendas and make sure to come party with us for this ultimate edition of UPGRADE! 10 years, 40 iterations of mad D&B and sweet visuals... We loved it and we hope you did too! Catch us at #40 for one last explosion of chaos! :-D






SATURDAY 08.06.2019 | doors 22h - 05h



Date: 08.06.2019

Hours: 22:00 - 05:00

Price: 15.-

Address: Fri-Son, Rte de la Fonderie 13, 1705 Fribourg